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Scar-less hair transplantation - is that really possible ?

In the recent past, advertisements have come up making claims of scar-less best hair transplantation’ techniques. Among the various surgical specialties, plastic surgeons would be the ones most bothered about scar formation. They would employ techniques that would ensure scar formation is the least. But any Plastic Surgeon will be able to say that there is nothing called ‘scar-less hair transplant surgery’. Plastic surgical techniques will try to create only the smallest scar and hide even this scar (see keralahairtransplant.com for more details).

The truth is that all techniques of hair transplantation will lead to scar formation. FUT (or strip technique) and FUE (or punching technique) will both lead to scar formation. Both will not be seen due to hair growth in the donor area. Both will be seen if the head is shaved or if a close hair-cut is done. If you are searching for the best hair transplant in Kerala or India, you should definitely meet Dr Chacko Cyriac, a senior Consultant Plastic, Cosmetic and Hair transplant surgeon leading a busy practice.

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