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How long would I need if I wish to do a hair transplant surgery ?

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Most often the hair transplants done by Dr Chacko Cyriac in Kerala, India, requires only one day. If however larger areas are involved, the hair transplant might be scheduled over two days. All hair transplantations, if informed early, can be scheduled as per the patient’s convenience. Adequate time would be given for the initial consultation, performing any tests to ensure you don’t have any underlying problems that would preclude a surgery, and doing the actual hair transplant procedure. If the tests are done before hand and the results have been sent to Dr Chacko Cyriac’s office, then all that is required is one to two days.

For a professional analysis and an unbiased opinion and for best hair transplant results, contact Dr Chacko Cyriac, a senior Consultant Plastic, Cosmetic and Hair transplant surgeon leading a busy practice based in Kochi, Kerala, India.


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