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5 steps to cope with hair loss ?

  1.   Consult a reputed trained, qualified Plastic Surgeon and not a technician or dentist    or some other specialists.
  2. Diagnose existence of any underlying medical condition. Treat the same. This alone might solve your problem.
  3. Discuss option of surgical (hair transplant) vs non-surgical (medical) treatment for hair loss with your Plastic Surgeon. 
  4. If medical treatment is possible, this alone might solve your problem. Defer hair transplant surgery for a later stage.
  5. Understand the limitation of medical therapy. If medical treatment not possible, plan a hair transplant using plastic surgical principles.

For a professional analysis and an unbiased opinion and for best results, contact Dr Chacko Cyriac, a senior Consultant Plastic, Cosmetic and Hair transplant surgeon leading a busy practice based in Kochi, Kerala, India.
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